Welcome to the Rhetoric of Architecture.com, the web presence of Dr. Cynthia Duquette Smith. You can follow her work and find her courses by exploring this site. Dr. Smith teaches undergraduate courses in the English department at Indiana University, Bloomington. Her English-department courses count toward the Minor in Communication and Public Advocacy (for more on the minor, follow this link!) 

Dr. Smith’s scholarly work examines the rhetorical nature of the buildings and places people design. She is particularly interested in museum design and tourist attractions.

Dr. Smith also Coordinates and teaches the College of Arts and Science required public speaking course, Public Oral Communication, Directed by Professor John Arthos

Finally, Dr. Smith serves as the Public Speaking faculty liaison for Speech with Indiana University’s Advance College Project. Here she trains and supports High School teachers offering Public Oral Communication for dual high school and college credit.

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Email Dr. Smith [email protected]